There are so many incredible resources out there to assist you with your Astrology journey, here some books we love:

The Inner Sky - Steven Forrest
The Night Speaks - Steven Forrest

Our products are all based on Tropical Astrology, not Sidereal.

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Printed in Europe on FSC sustainable paper (paper is 110gsm thickness).
Vegan leather covers.
Plant-based shrink wrap.
Organic cotton bags.

We do our very best to source 100% recycled materials, we use vegan leathers and vegan glues, recycled wood, papers and cardboards. All of our papers are sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sustainable timbers. Our shrink wrap is plant based and our bags are organic cotton.

Our print house has also replaced their use of plastic tapes, wraps and inserts with more sustainable alternatives, inspired by our requests. Win win!  

We avoid mass printing and focus on small, high quality print runs. We print in Europe using highly skilled artisans and a production team who are continually evolving with us.

Any items that don't pass quality control, are damaged or don't meet our standards don't go in the bin! They are donated to schools.

We ship plastic free wherever we can. 

Planner and Journals: Shipped in post consumer, recycled padded bags or boxes. 

Posters: Shipped in 100% recycled poster tubes. We are working on a plastic alternative for end caps.

Padding: 100% recycled expander-style packaging alternative to bubble wrap. We aim to have as minimal impact as possible and therefore do not use bubble wrap or single use plastics. If you receive bubble wrap in your order it is recycled. 

We print in Europe and Australia using highly skilled artisans and a production team who are continually evolving with us. We avoid mass printing and focus on small, high quality print runs. 

Our Planners and Calendars come in 3 versions and are suitable for use all over the world.

CET/CEST, (GMT+2) is suitable for UK, Europe, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, India (available on our UK & EU website only)

PST/PDT (GMT-8) is suitable for USA and Canada (available on our US website only)

AEST/AEDT (GMT+10) is suitable for Australia, NZ, Asia: China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand etc. (available on our AUS website only)

Conversion cheats for CEST/CST (GMT+2) UK: Minus 1 hour if you are BST. IE: Minus 1 hour if you are IST. PT: minus 1 hour if you use WEST. Eastern Europe: Add 1 hour if you are GMT +3,

Conversion cheats for PST/PDT (GMT-8): USA: Add 3 hours if you are EST, 2 hours if you are CST, 1 hour for MST.

Conversion cheats for AEST/AEDT (GMT+10): NZ: Add 2 hours if you are NZST. ID: Minus 2 hours if WITA. TH: Minus 3 hours if GMT+7. HK: Minus 2 hours if HKT. CH: Minus 2 hours if CST. JP: Minus 1 hour if JST. AE: Minus 6 hours if GMT+4.
Take into consideration daylight saving times when converting (usually one hour in advance of Standard Time in some places).

For general planning purposes, the exact time of day of a planetary aspect isn’t always important. The effects of aspects are felt before and after the moment they are exact. All exact times of moons, eclipses, retrogrades, directs and all exact aspects are included if you like to be precise, just convert the times listed to your own time zone.

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